Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit

5 thoughts on “Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit”

  1. Aww…We miss you guys already! It was so much fun reconnecting with you two. Great resort, great food and DRINK(S), Edd was our mixologist suprema with the tequila, whew!!! and most of all, a score of 100 on the Fun Meter!!!
    Think we all needed to “recharge”!! Tom and I are still laughing about Melissa, in perfect Spanish, going 3 rounds with the maids and concierge in our hotel, they were just trying to get a damn duvet after all, not to mention the Security guards at the airport!!! Wish I had a picture, Melissa with a whisk in her hand, yelling at the Guard! The guy proceeds to take out his radio, really thought he was calling the Policia!!! lol….He deserved it, he was “el era un idiota”!!
    Look forward to our next hook-up, somewhere! Such a big world, such little time…..
    Stay safe guys!
    Donna and Tom

    1. Hey Donna! Just going through these posts and JUST noticed this! Oh I’m glad you read it. We had a really fun time. Yes I have tried to be less scary with these guys, and more patient! You’re right; such little time, and I wanted everything to be perfect! Five days was such a short time. We can’t thank you enough for bringing all the Amazon goodies. We have used the ‘swivel stick’; we’ve just used it to clean the tank and it worked great! I’ll have to post pictures of us using it. Hope you guys are well. xxxxooooxxxx

  2. I have an Aunt Donna and Uncle Tom who love to travel. It sounds like you have a similar Donna and Tom to hang out with. Your luxury resort experience looks similar to the one we just had on Maui (nice pool!)…but we, unfortunately, were without kitchen amenities. Rob stuck it to them, though, by getting pho at a “Vietnamese to go” place 3 times.

    1. Hey Julie! That’s so weird about the other Donna and Tom! Haha! They are longtime friends of Edd’s mom, so they’re almost like family! How was the pho to go? ­čśŐ I’m glad you had a good time and treated yourself. Going to check out your pics later.

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