How we go to the Bathroom

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  1. Edd and Melissa,
    That was REALLY funny and informative (about the toilet)!! lol.. Here’s a possible solution to the “odor” problem. Gives a whole new meaning to the colloquialism “THEY THINK THEIR SHIT DON’T STINK”! There’s a genius product for home bathrooms (think it would probably work in the van also) called Poo-Pourri, Royal Flush Before-You-Go-Toilet Spray. Everyone sells it. Ace Hardware, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon. You spray the toilet water before you go, and I’m telling you, there is NO ODOR after doing Number 2! We use it all the time, I ran out before you guys came, I was thinking about showing it to you before you left and totally forgot. I thought it might work for you. It comes in different scents also. The one we like is the Eucalyptus and Spearmint. Check it out! Let me know if it works in the Van.
    Love you guys,
    P.S. Tom says hi, and wanted to know if you went to BJ’s in Darien??

    1. Hey guys! Haha! We read all the suggestions that Tom gave us. We didn’t make it to Cumberland Island, it was a bit expensive to get over there 🙁 but we did spend a day in St Simon’s! And we went to B&J’s!!! I’m going to send you a picture now. I meant to send it to you the other day! It was delicious! Yum! We had a full order of shrimp, half fried half boiled. Very fresh, very worth it. Than you so much. We enjoyed our time so much in Georgia, loved the food, lived the company. Xoxox

  2. Where are you? If you have not gone thru Jacksonville yet, there use to be a good “hole-in-the-wall” place on Mayport Road. It was called “Damfino,” but the locals called it “Damn if I know.” Go for lunch and order a Sheephead fish sandwich and a cold beer of your choice.
    After JAX, your next stop should be St Augustine. When you get there go to the “Columbian” resturant in old town St Augustine. It is a Cuban restaurant that started in Tampa. Very old but very good. Order the Mojo Pork with plantains, yellow rice and black beans.
    There is also a good Greek resturant that is a block or so from the West side of the Bridge of Lions. With the Bridge at your back, facing west, the resturant will be on your right in the first block. Also, they have a modern built Spainsh Galleon moored at the Bridge marina. After that, we will talk about Marineland.
    All for now.
    Donna says hi!

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