Macon, Georgia

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  1. Hope you stop for shrimp at B&J’s Steak & Seafood in Darian. Get a basket of steamed and a basket of fried, you will love them both. Drive over to see Fort King George, one of the first colonial forts when Georgia was colony.
    When you get to St Mary, you will have to decide whether to see the swamp or Cumberland island. Also, when you cross into Flordia, there is Amelia island.
    Press on and keep in touch. Like the blog.
    PS, Donna says Hi.

    1. Hello Tom! I told Donna but I want to tell you how much we loved B&Js. Mmm. You were right about the shrimp. We split one big basket. And it was a huge portion. I’m still thinking about it! Thank you so much. We saw the fort in Darien and went down to the water. Very chilled place.
      We went to St. Simon’s! I know it doesn’t compare to Cumberland, but it was beautiful, and we enjoyed a beer on the beach.
      Thank you Tom for all the suggestions. We will send some pictures soon and also hopefully get them up on the blog.

  2. Melissa: FYI – I LIVE on Flonase in the South! (plus sudafed, mucinex, and my neti pot! 🙂 P.S. I ADORE this blog! Love reading about the places and people you are connecting with. Updates on Van are looking good too! #livingvicariously

    1. Haha! Yes I remember you telling me about the Flonase. Funny, my allergies didn’t start acting up until GA and the generic Claritin stopped working! Thanks for reading it Rox. Xoxo

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